Duck Face Selfies are *NOT cute... Signed Men Everywhere.

Funny Duck Face Selfies Public Service Announcement

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Funny Duck Face Profile Pictures Public Service Announcement approved by men everywhere.

If you are trying to look moronic, please disregard this message.   If you think duck face photos are sexy, you are sadly mistaken and we would like to enlighten you.  On our fake Funny Time Photo survey, 99% of all men said you look ridiculous and  laugh behind your back.  The other 1% were blind so they get a pass…

Duck Face Selfies are *NOT cute... Signed Men Everywhere.

Duck Face Selfies are *NOT cute… Signed Men Everywhere.

Dear Would be attractive Ladies.  Duck face photos, are not cute; unless you are Two.   Please find a more flattering pose.

We understand you Think you look drop dead sexy, but you are sadly mistaken.   Just looking at duck face photos, makes us laugh and or nauseated.   Case in Point.


Duck Face Public Service Announcement

Seriously?  Look at the photo below.  Why would you post this ever?  Our only conclusion, is that you just don’t know how ridiculous you look.  It just needs to stop.


Do we really need to post more?


These are just a few samples.  There are millions of beautiful ladies  posting duck face photos just like these far too often.   Please stop…

So, what is sexy?  How about a smile instead?

No More Duck Face

Smile! You’re doing it right.

We’re not trying to put you down, we just wanted you to know.   Now please share with a friend.  Friends don’t let friends post duck face photos.  

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