The Various Types of Mattresses That Are Effective in Pain Relieving

If you or someone in your close neighborhood is facing difficulties, you are not alone in your experience. This sort of pain is so common that 80 percent of adults suffer from acute or chronic pain at some point in their lives. Even though various causes may contribute to pain, the first item that should be considered is your mattress, which may be contributing to back discomfort. When looking for the best match, it’s important to consider immovability, resting place, mattress form, and material selection, among other factors.

Based on client feedback and intensive testing, we’ve put together this list of the best mattresses for back pain and joint pain. If you find yourself waking up with hip pain every night, it’s possible that your sleeping posture or bed is to blame. When a mattress is either too soft or too hard, it might produce pressure points, resulting in a strained hip. Throughout this post, we’ve discussed the many types of mattresses that, according to Consumer Reports mattresses, effectively provide pain relief. Here are some of the characteristics of the top 10 mattresses that are appropriate for any individual.


Even though a soft one gave the finest back support, this is not the current state of affairs. Even though a supportive mattress is ideal for people experiencing discomfort while sleeping, this is not always the case. A suitable spinal shaping is not always provided by a supportive mattress, resulting in further complications. It is a crucial element in the treatment of chronic pain.

Sleeping Position

Beds should be constructed to support various sleeping positions, regardless of whether you are a side or back sleeper. Specialists stress the link between poor resting posture and back pain, and they guide the most effective methods of alleviating the suffering. Based on the standard dozing function, a hardness rating of 1 to 10 (with ten being the firmest) is appropriate (one being the firmest).

  • Individuals who sleep on their sides require a softer mattress and look for one between 5.5 and 6.5 inches thick.
  • Firm to medium-firm mattresses with a firmness rating of around 6 to 7 is recommended for back sleepers.
  • Stomachs require a somewhat firmer mattress between the firmness ratings of 6.5 and 7.5 to support their specific inclinations.
  • The mattress’s shape and materials are both important considerations.

Various types of textiles, both traditional and engineered, can be used to construct mattress cover materials. The most frequently encountered type is an adjustable mix. However, if additional assistance is warranted, some people with back pain fare significantly better than others. Materials can be held liable for either a happy or terrible experience a person has.


The most frequently recommended beds for back discomfort include adaptable cushioning and latex in the construction. Whether they’re padded or not, latex mattresses give superb support and contouring for your body shape. These offer the best possible back support while also relieving uncomfortable pressure. When sleeping, appropriate padding and latex also aid in preserving the backbone, so lowering back weight, and alleviating discomfort by bringing all areas together.


A bed of curls with a shimmering color overlay is a classic mattress in many circles. For nearly a century, these mattresses were the gold standard in the business. While it has improved with hidden functions and enhanced movement isolation, a normal indoor gadget with a froth top is not typically effective in alleviating back pain.

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A King-sized Mattress Buying Guide

What is the Definition of a King-sized Bed?

The length and width of a king-sized bed usually are 72″ to 78″ long and 72″ wide. These are merely the basic measurements; the sizes may vary based on the seller. This size is perfect for two adults who need a lot of space or two adults and a developing child.

Go to the Newsweek website for more information.

Elements To Bear In Mind When Purchasing A King-sized Mattress

When selecting a king-size mattress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The following is a list of things to think about while buying a king-size mattress:

Sleeping position: Different sleeping positions require different levels of support, so whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or in a combination of positions, the finest king mattress will vary. Firmer mattresses are usually better for back and stomach sleepers, whereas soft mattresses are usually better for side sleepers. Firmer mattresses are usually better for back and stomach sleepers, whereas soft mattresses are usually better for side sleepers.

Weight: Deep sleepers not only sleep hotter, but they also sag less, so a medium-firm mattress for overweight or tall people can feel soft. Similarly, petite or light people who choose to rest in hard beds might find soft mattresses for other people.

Temperature: Is it better to sleep hot or cold? All-foam beds tend to sleep hotter, despite recent breakthroughs in making airflow alterations and mattresses more respirable. When thermoregulation is critical, explore a hybrid or innerspring king bed or a whole-foam product with specific cooling capabilities.

Materials: The majority of market mattresses are innerspring, foam, rubber, or composite materials. Each material’s benefits and drawbacks differ in terms of cost, durability, and other factors.

Firmness: There is no industry-wide consistent firmness scale. However, mattresses come in sizes ranging from 1 to 10, with one being exceptionally soft and 10 being extra firm. Your weight and sleeping posture significantly affect the efficacy that feels greatest to you and preserves the ideal spinal line.

Thickness: Most beds are 10 inches tall, with abundant and thick options weighing 15″ or more.

Cost: The cost of a mattress varies depending on the quality of the materials employed, the supplier, the maker, and other factors such as delivery. A budget mattress can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, whereas a luxury king mattress may reach $2,000 or more.

Execution Factors: Checking the functioning of a king-size mattress provides you with a thorough picture of the product’s benefits and limitations. Consider features including robustness, movement isolation, conformance, temperature neutrality, off-gassing, edging assistance, disturbance, and more.

Policies: Third-party sellers’ and mattress firms’ shipping, guarantee, returns, and trial policy decisions can have a significant impact, especially if you buy your king-size mattress online. If you are unhappy with your purchase, be sure your financial security and trial and return policies are appropriate. Also, keep in mind that your warranty may be voided if you don’t use an appropriate base, box spring, or bed frame.

Mattress weight: Due to their size, king-size mattresses are typically heavier and thicker.

Durability: This is critical for king-size mattresses, which frequently take the burden of two people at night. Study and read reviews on the mattress’s durability to get answers to queries like “Does it sink with time?”

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Soft Queen Mattress Benefits

In your choice of Queen Mattress, your spinal health is not just your preference but an important element. The spine, of course, has three slight curves, which, even if horizontal, must be supported. Your body would have a solid queen mattress in a neutral area. This means that the back of your head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels are in their natural light curve. You may almost feel no pressure on a large queen mattress as if you float. Over time, the correct bed can relax muscles, make sleep worse, and even better. False queen colors, particularly in the base of your spine, can cause back pain and disturb healthy sleep. The advantages of a soft mattress queen size are here.


  • Soft hues can alleviate lower back pain and aid older people in dealing with joint pain.
  • Lighter and more narrow-made persons may sleep on a medium-sized queen mattress and have lots of spinal support without compromising. Soft colors are a better way to sleep on your side, especially in a fetal position.

What to See

When you’re looking for the right queen mattress, there are several aspects you want to consider. Consider the following things before you whip out this credit card on a comfortable bed. Some queen mattresses are, of course, cleaner than others. For additional information on individual bed types and the softest ones, see below:

  • Queen’s memory foam colors, but the denser the mattress colors, the heavier it’s, will usually be quite soft. In Latex machines, there is a louder booming sense. They are likewise soft but distinct from the tricky, sinking sensation of memory foam. These beds have a rolling bed to make them healthier and more robust.
  • Queen hybrid mattresses combine a spool layer with great comfort. Depending on the mate, the comfort layer materials vary, which can affect a hybrid mate’s experience. Usually, hybrid queen mattresses support more than memory foam colors, but they might feel quite soft depending on the comfort layer. Airbeds are meant to enhance your queen mattress strength by adjusting air chambers.


The absence of sufficient border support with delicate queen colors is a prevalent concern. When you sit on the bank, it’s more difficult to tie your shoes or sit properly on the bed with multiple soft collapses. In addition, inadequate edge protection means that the queen mattress surface cannot be used as well. You are not as comfy to your advantage, and you feel that it’s hard to sleep on the edge of those pleasant colors. In other words, some companies use lip support foam embossing. Be sure it has some strength on the edges if you are looking to make the soft queen mattress. Pay attention to this.

Lower Back Pain

Soreness and discomfort in the lower back may arise when the back is not positioned. If you sleep mainly on your side, you won’t have a softer queen mattress, but if you sleep on your back or stomach, then you need extra aid. If a queen mattress is overly soft, the spinal column might get out of line and create pain. Knowing your sleep position and how much support you need, you can help choose a couch that meets your requirements.

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Best 2021 Mattresses in International Market


Most people are using new communication tools to sell their products, which is beneficial for anyone who plans to purchase new mattresses from physical shops. In the twenty-first century, the trading trends shift to online or fresh barter tactics in which we should use various things that are beneficial to everyone. We can buy various mattresses from international or global stores that offer free shipping or other benefits in this golden period. We need detailed information about the mattresses that will be useful to buyers, and buyers could get thorough information about the new mattresses or other products from Newsweek, which is a good website. We can learn about modern mattresses in stock and order such mattresses from international or global stores. We can pay our bills, visit these stores, and sleep soundly on a new mattress.

Capacity to Purchase International Mattresses:

We have already discussed that we have been living in a new period in which we can use various tactics designed for digital meetings or trading in which we can choose among the most recent mattresses that are useful. Every year, most people would prefer to choose recent things, which is beneficial for anyone looking to purchase new mattresses that will last for a long time. We need to choose a new mattress to buy good quality mattresses that are beneficial to everyone, and we can also buy these mattresses with a single click, such as Newsweek, which has a good website about details of the mattresses. We can order mattresses with a single click, and we can also pay our bills using digital payment methods, which are very convenient for buyers. In this developing period, we should choose the pre-review about the brand that we want to buy from online stores.

Online Mattresses in the World:

A medium-sized foam memory cushion may be an excellent mattress for many places to sleep if a person is a light. Loft or density is most likely the criterion tool. It could be a low, intermediate, or high loft. The cushion’s sections should be folded across the head, neck, and chest to support the backbone. Pillow filling and stiffness are also important considerations. Fill refers to the material used to make the inside of the pillow, and indeed the materials differ in terms of support between temple and shoulder. Some appear to be relatively secure and resist sinking, while others cling to a cradle sense.

Buyers of Mattresses in the Global Market Should Know:

We also obtain detailed documents about mattresses from a variety of internal or external sources that give readers helpful data, and we can obtain details from a variety of sources such as websites, blogs, vlogs, and web pages. Every new mattress buyer should read numerous reports about the mattresses on the market as well as various websites, blogs, and vlogs that inform viewers about the new mattresses that are obtainable in mattress stores. We can buy multiple mattresses on a single order, and we can pay our bills using support or internet banking. These available mattresses are in a different category  of sizes, and a large family can need them for lounging or gathering.

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Mattresses That Are Trustworthy for Your Children

Nobody enjoys seeing their children in peril. Your children may play all day on their crib mattress and then sleep with you on your queen mattress, which is all the rage right now. Children are small in stature and have delicate bones. Therefore, choose the best mattress for kids that has been specifically designed to fulfill the needs of children. It is prudent to consider your child’s age, size, and weight when purchasing a new mattress. Children’s beds are often relatively firm to prevent them from sinking into them. For further information, please visit

Comfy Mattress

Sleep is necessary for your child’s immune system to function correctly and keep him or her happy, active, and sharp throughout the day. If you do not choose a comfortable mattress for your children, you risk inhibiting their growth. Proper sleep on their beds throughout the night is critical for their mental and physical development. This will aid you in selecting a mattress that is age appropriate. A mattress capable of completely enclosing your child in its reliable material is the best alternative for your dedicated children.

Why is it best for newborns to sleep on a soft, firm mattress?

Because infants are low in weight and unable to move quickly for the first three months after birth, a flat, demanding, and hard mattress will assist them in remaining on the mattress. A mattress with a low firmness level, on the other hand, may sink your babies into the mattress, impeding their regular breathing. As a result, choose a mattress firm enough for your infant, kid, or toddler. If the mattress of your newborn is a little too soft, you may stiffen it up by covering it with a hard mattress topper. Latex gives a mattress its firmness; thus, pick a latex foam mattress for your newborn since it provides enough support for their body.

Innocuous and Non-Hazardous

Your child’s immune system is weakened, and he or she becomes rapidly sick. Furthermore, mattresses may affect their health. You obtain a mattress devoid of hazardous gas-emitting chemicals, which can wreak havoc on your child’s respiratory system. Always get a mattress for your sweet and innocent children that have been medically certified by a reputed and well-known health institute. Make no compromises with your child’s health, as they cannot distinguish between what is good and what is detrimental to their health. A highly breathable mattress is perfect for your youngster. Purchase a cost-effective, long-lasting mattress.


Your first job is to ensure that your children get a good night’s sleep to start their days cheerfully. Your newborns require a firm mattress that does not allow them to sink. Purchase a mattress with ample ventilation, which will help a newborn to breathe easily and sleep soundly throughout the night.

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Highest Rated Beds for People with a Herniated Disc


The discomfort associated with a detached retina may be both persistent and severe. Back, leg, and even foot pain are often mentioned. Sciatica (pain and numbness along the side of your upper limbs) may be the consequence of a stress fracture. The severity of the disease and the available treatment options vary according to the displacement and location. Visit this site to get more information about the buying of mattress:

Disc Unsure: The Most Common Types and Indications

Consider the spine for a minute. We are all aware of the vertebral column that runs from our head to our lower abdomen. Each of these spines has a gap between them, and inside that space are discs. Their function is to facilitate movement. They operate similarly to ball bearings.

The discs themselves are flexible, with bands of tendons around a gel-like central core. Consider the rings of a tree while imagining a segment of a spinal disc. The outside calls are made up of the lining epithelium, while the softcore is termed the nucleus knowledge production.


The thoracic spine is the region of your spinal body that begins at the skull base and terminates at your wrists. If one of these canal systems is intended, it may cause neck discomfort, but perhaps the most common side effect of a posterior ruptured disc is elbow and arm loss of sensation. Typically, it affects just one side of the body and is often misdiagnosed as a strained muscle, even though it is herniated.


Inflorescence in the belly region begins in the lower spine. This is a frequent occurrence as a consequence of lifting anything that is excessively heavy and poorly lifted. While it may seem to develop abruptly, it is often the consequence of prolonged wear overage. Individuals often encounter indications in the form of lower lumbar discomfort, which is frequently excruciatingly severe. Other patients complain of sciatica and difficulty sitting or lying comfortably.


Between the collar and spinal spines lies the thorax area. It is located in the middle of our abdominal cavity and is linked to all of our neurons that regulate immune function. The cause of pleural protrusion is so dangerous is that it may have severe health consequences if it disrupts interaction with an organ. Rather than an accident, a thoracic ejection is usually the result of deterioration over many years.

Why You Require a Good Pillow If You Have a Herniated Lumbar Disc

We all needed a decent mattress, irrespective of our medical conditions. However, if you have any spinal issues, resting on the proper bed is critical. Bear in mind that you must maintain proper ankle support. If you sleep on a low-quality mattress that is either too soft or too hard, it will force your spine out of its normal posture. If you’re attempting to cure yourself or want a good night’s sleep, investing in a quality pillow is a must.

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Characteristics May Be Found In Top-Class Sleeping Mattress:

The Use Of Cooling Technological Advances

An increase in temperature or moisture during sleep may result in excessive development and discomfort, which may lead you to become aware of your surroundings and those around you. As a result, the majority of high-end sleeping Mattress manufacturers integrate cooling technology into their products. Some foam options, especially flexible Mattress, are injected with gel or graphite to aid in retaining its form and the resistance to heat preservation. To enhance ventilation, some manufacturers use open-cell foam, which is more expensive. Usually, airflow is taken into account in the innerspring layers, while individually stowed springs provide the most significant flexibility and growth potential.

Disconnection From Physical Activity

Search for Mattress that reduce movement and disconnect development when sleeping for individuals who sleep with a partner. This is especially helpful for couples with different sleeping patterns since it allows one person to shift about on their side without waking up the other.

Backing For The Corners And Edges

Individuals who like softer sleeping Mattress may still need to look for firmer versions on one side of the Mattress. Some sleeping mats provide additional support around the edges, making it easier to get into and out of bed. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from the adverse effects of continuous agony or who need a little extra assistance.

The Best Estimate Of The Amount Of Money You Should Budget For A Mattress Purchase

Prices for a premium half breed sovereign sleeping Mattress may range from $800 to $1500, depending on the number of used layers. Models with innerspring and froth will, on the whole, be more cost-effective to manufacture.

When It Comes To A Sleeping Mattress, What Is The Optimum Thickness?

The majority of sleeping Mattress are between 8 and 12 inches thick, depending on the manufacturer. A sleeping mat with a thickness of 10 inches is recommended to accommodate a person of average height and weight. More prominent individuals will go toward a thicker option, while lighter ones gravitate toward a slimmer one. A sleeping Mattress that is too little will degrade more rapidly than one that is too large because the curls will struggle to maintain their form over time, and the foam will hang. The inverse is also true: a thicker sleeping Mattress may not provide the necessary soothing characteristics, resulting in people laying over the Mattress rather than being mounded by it. We suggest you purchase a Mattress cover to prevent dirt, filth, and other foreign objects from penetrating the sleeping Mattress’s outer layer of fabric. The majority of available alternatives also restrict the progression of fluids. If anything infiltrates the sleeping Mattress, it has the potential to accelerate its decomposition while impairing its cooling and comfort capabilities as well. Adjust the position of your bed at regular times to ensure that it receives the same amount of use throughout the day. Some experts suggest washing it with preparing pop and allowing it to air dry for 24 hours before using it again to aerate the Mattress. Before we go, visit, if you wish to know more about the best firm mattress for yourself.

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Who Should Buy The Best Mattress Cooling Sheets?

Cooling sheets may be excellent for anybody fighting overheating at night. Some individuals prefer to use cooling plates periodically, place them on the bed in the summer months and trade them out for a more comfortable alternative in winter. Although this is an option, many cooling sheets are pleasant throughout the year. In winter, when coupled with a blanket and comforting unit, the sleeper may be warm without significant danger of overheating. To buy the best cooling sheets for your mattress, visit

Everyone May Appreciate Cooling Sheets, But Mainly They Can Be Excellent For:

  • Those were living in hot climates. If you’re living warm someplace, cooling sheets may keep you more relaxed throughout the night. You may also depend less on your air conditioning or fans.
  • People who sleep hot. Those who sleep warm all year round may appreciate the additional breathability and humidity of cooling sheets.
  • Individuals susceptible to sweat during the night. Most cooling sheets are breathable and absorbent, so they do not leave sleepers in a sweat puddle.
  • Couples have varied preferences for sleep temperature. Cooling sheets may be ideal for couples preferring various sleep temperatures. If one spouse is too chilly, they may use an additional blanket.

What Is The Ideal Cooling Sheet Thread Count?

The number of threads per square inch of cloth is the tally. Typically, more significant thread count fabrics are smoother and very durable. Thus consumers often match more significant numbers of threads with better quality. That’s not always the case, though. Shoppers should be careful about 600-800 threads. Some producers increase the number of threads without necessarily enhancing the quality by using various construction methods, such as encircling two threads. Although high thread counts are often excellent quality, consumers need to purchase carefully to ensure that they know what they receive for their money.

The sheet thread count may also depend on the fabric type. 400-700 is typically the optimum range for cotton bedding. However, sheets with thread counts over 300 are usually lighter, so that the thread count choices cannot be as breathable as those below. Therefore, shoppers searching for more great cotton sheets may select from a collection of 300 thread counters the most incredible mix between breathability and tenderness. Most sheet sets produced from other materials have a comparable number of threads to cotton. While the thread counting choices are more excellent, cooling Tencel and bamboo sheets are typically near the 300 thread counting threshold.

This standard deviates from linen sheets. Since they utilize thicker fibers, sheets of linen tend to have considerably smaller numbers of thread. Therefore, the thread count should ideally be between 80 and 120 for linen sheets. You may also list linens by weight rather than by thread count so that you can search for a set between 175 and 190 grams per square meter (GSM).

What Is The Average Sheet Return Policy?

Return policies differ widely across businesses. Therefore consumers need to examine the rules and processes of each company thoroughly. For example, some businesses do not accept sheet returns or only let fresh unused goods be returned. Others offer more flexible rules that allow consumers to try and return the sheets if they are not pleased.

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Overview about the Best Mattress for Older People


As we mature, we often develop a tolerance for the aches and pains associated with senior age. Even if we escape some significant chronic diseases, many participants experienced stiffness as they age. When this occurs, many of us rationalize it away as a natural part of the aging process.

However, the issue with this is that it may discourage some companies from accessing proactive actions to alleviate their pain. And as a consequence, some health issues may emerge or worsen. Choosing an excellent mattress for elders should become a focus in the effort to avoid a variety of health complications and, at the same time, to assist in the management of those that have already formed. To get first hand information about the best mattress for elders, visit this site:

Who Else Can Profit From an Elderly Person’s Bed?

A good geriatric pillow for seniors aims to address specific concerns that contribute to chronic pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and severe hip and back discomfort.

Patients with Arthritis or Osteoarthritis

Individuals suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis should depend on a specialized bed designed to treat some of these difficulties. Both of these disorders are accompanied by acute pain and severe pain as a result. This educational achievement may be considerably exacerbated by incorrect sleeping postures and the related strain and strain.

Usually, persons with these issues favor something rather stiffer since it relieves significant pressure and may aid with appropriate spine alignment.

Individuals Suffering From Fibromyalgia

Rheumatology patients often experience extensive pain related to the orthopedic system. It is also a disorder that may result in extreme tiredness, impaired declarative memory, moodiness, and sleep deprivation. Can you identify what among the most often cited reasons is? Of course — it is an ill-advised mattress. A geriatric mattress for older citizens may significantly alleviate discomfort and ensure that you get the required support and comfort.

This may imply overall management of the condition’s manifestations. While it’s improbable that you’ll ever eliminate it, this is something that might be beneficial.

Anyone Who Suffers From Acute Back and Back Problems

If you have persistent hip or back discomfort, you may be a classic example of a sufferer of a terrible bed. This, combined with poor posture, is a major cause of aches and pains in those regions. Nevertheless, the latter may also be induced by an unsuitable mattress selection, exacerbated when it is a pillow for the aged.

Try a bed that is specifically designed to ease pressure areas between your spine and the surface. This may significantly alleviate chronic pain and improve the situation, which is critical for senior folks.


Joint and back discomfort may be a result of insufficient stiffness levels. There is no such thing as a perfect centerground here, even though the vast bulk of us would favor moderate firm solutions. Simultaneously, it is critical to strike that equilibrium.

Various sleepers have varying preferences for sleeping arrangements, which is fairly typical given that height and weight may be fairly disparate. This is why, particularly if you are a senior person, you should seek the ideally balanced option that provides both supporting stiffness and comforting softness.

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The Most Effective Full-Size Mattress

The greatest option if you are too large even to consider fitting into a twin-size bed but don’t want to spend the money on a full-size bed set is to get sleeping cushions completely piled. Even though they are not the most popular size, you will be able to discover handy and great alternatives in this size regardless of their popularity. Trying to narrow down the finest complete may be difficult due to the many options available for consideration. Fortunately, we’ve already done a part of the legwork for you by evaluating and testing the most appropriate options. The full size mattress always has the best mattres firm.

What Is The Difference Between A Full-Size Sleeping Cushion And A Twin-Size Mattress Set?

A large sleeping cushion is about the same size as a guest room in terms of square footage. It was about the same length as a twin bed, but it was around 14 inches long, allowing you to accommodate two people in this little area. When it comes to young people, or college understudies constrained by space but need to upgrade from their giant youth mattress, we think that a full-size sleeping cushion is the best option. It would help if you used our mattress measurements reference or this rest span graph for assistance in analyzing measurements:

Specifically, a solitary bed sleeping cushion is a piece of mattress specifically designed to fit within the shape of a solitary bed and no other.

Complete chambers, also known as “sovereign one full” lofts, are furnished with a sleeping mattress that has been filled from both the left and right side bunks of the bed. They’re fantastic for young people or teenagers living alone but need more sleeping space than a twin bed can provide. Additionally, they may be beneficial for adolescents in situations such as when two individuals are forced to share a single home. For the reason that you have a limited budget, you’ll be able to purchase a standard loft for around $199; on the other hand, if you require a twofold cot with exceptional highlights, for example, beneath-bed storage drawers or a twin trundle for additional sleeping space, you’ll have to pay approximately $3K more.

Individuals Who Like To Sleep On Their Backs Or Their Stomachs Are Classified As Stomach Sleepers

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers are grouped because they need more stable structures to prevent their spines from slipping into an unnatural posture and protect their backs, necks, and hips while lying on their sides for long periods. Because of the way these vast expanses of skin sink into another sleeping mattress, the back may twist or flex, resulting in headaches in the early evenings as a result. Those looking for a firmer sheet may have a look at our full-sized sleeping cushion surveys for some inspiration. Those who sleep on their sides would benefit from a smoother surface that would relieve stress in their neck and legs when they sleep on their side. It is possible to wake up with prickling in your shoulder if your cushion is too hard. A broken shoulder causes this if your cushion is too firm. It would help if you made an effort to locate another full-size mattress that is comfortable for people of all body shapes.

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